Preparing yourself for making money from writing

If you’re an experienced writer – maybe you’re a grizzled journalist, or veteran freelance – you’ll be aware of the qualities needed to get ahead in the game, and even how writing for the web differs from magazines or newspapers. However, if you’re fairly new to writing – and more to the point, fairly new at making money from writing – it’s a good idea to get all of the help that you can. Here are a few tips to get you started making money from writing in Australia:

Understand the different styles required by the web

Broadly speaking, there are three styles to get the hang of – news, web copy and articles. News should be journalistic and free of your opinions. You should check your facts and be careful not to write anything libellous. Web copy has more of a ‘salesy’ feel to it, and should present the reader with the best attributes offered by the product or service it is about, possibly with a call to action. Articles occupy the middle ground. They are meant to be informal, informative and even humourous, but not salesy.

Learn to handle rejection or criticism

If you’re a new writer, any criticism, no matter how constructive, may sting. Anyone else making money from writing in Australia will tell you that you need to develop a thick skin. Take any feedback or rejection on board, and move on.

Know what your writing is worth

It may be worthwhile to develop your writing chops by supplying some free content to your favourite sites, but if your goal is to earn money from writing, you obviously can’t do this forever. Getting paid can be a minefield, and some sites will refuse to do so until your work has earned a set amount of advertising revenue.

This is where Words of Worth differs. We’re always looking for great writers who want to start making money from writing from their Australia home, and we make sure that anyone on the team is paid a fixed fee for their completed writing contracts each month.

If you have English as your first language along with excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation, and want to earn extra money by writing in your spare time, check out the FAQ section of our site.