How can you earn money writing?

Australian Writers

Type the three magic words ‘earn money writing in Australia’ into Google, and it will return a bewildering array of results. Some will promise you an income for writing about a subject the you’re knowledgable about, some will offer advice on becoming a successful freelance writer, some will offer a free evaluation of your work, and some will offer you a king’s ransom for a few meagre words dashed off each day. Okay, the last one is an exaggeration, but it serves to illustrate a point – you should be careful when replying to some requests for writers.

The internet is all about content; without it, it wouldn’t exist. Whether it’s a food blogger who wants to attract visitors to her site with new recipes, a film critic looking to scoop other sites with a review of a much anticipated movie, or a news outlet wishing to bring the news to you as it happens, content is the internet’s lifeblood. Google knows this, and attributes much weight to it when deciding who appears at the top of its search rankings.

This explains the demand for writers in Australia, and some of the shady practices surrounding the industry. Some sites may ask you to submit a sample, only never to contact you again. Other sites may be legitimate, but will only pay you when your article has a sufficient amount of income through advertising or Google Adwords. This means that you may not be paid for your hard work until months have elapsed – hardly motivation for an aspiring writer who needs to earn money writing.

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