Want a second job? How about writing for money in Australia

If you’d like to supplement the wage you receive from your day job in Australia, you may wish to consider writing for money.

There are lots of advantages to this. For a start, it is something you can do whenever you have spare time. Having a second job can place a lot of demands on your free time, especially if it is something that is pretty inflexible when it comes to the hours that you’re working. For example, you may think of earning a few extra dollars at a call centre, answering telephone calls well in to the evening. If your shift starts pretty soon after you finish in your main job, then you can pretty much kiss goodbye to that day. There is always the issue of working at the weekend, too. It’s pretty easy to end up burned out from not having a break.

Writing for money can be a different proposition. There are lots of websites that cater to Australia, and they always need fresh content – it’s what drives the internet. You can also write whenever it suits you – morning, evening, or even at your lunch break during your day job.

There are lots of opportunities to start writing for money in Australia, but as is always the case, some are better than others. You may come across horror stories about writers being scammed, or some employers being reluctant to pay up. This is where Words of Worth prides itself on being different.

As a writer for Words of Worth, you can expect a regular contract of anywhere between 10 and 80 pieces per month. We provide all the guidance you need, including online resources and support from our editors. We also respect our writers, which is why we make sure to pay for completed contracts on time each month.

Of course, writing for money from Australia is not for everyone. Our writers need to be native English speakers, and possess excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as the ability to follow a brief. If you would like to find out if you’re up our standard, see how you score in our online quiz.

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